Zomato Share Price Today: Zomato share price became this much today!

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Zomato Share Price Today: Zomato is one of India’s online food delivery This is a company with the help of which anyone can do it while sitting at their home. online food Can order. Maybe you too sometimes Zomato Must have been used to order food, because in India Zomato Are also quite famous.

Stock market in year 2021 Zomato had made its entry, which IPO At the time, many investors had invested their money in Zomato. of zomato IPO ₹76 per share came on, after which NSE Market Its listing on ₹116 per share and ₹115 on BSE market per share.

Many investors Shares of Zomato But it has earned a good profit, but there are still some investors who have not earned much profit from this company. every stock market investor Zomato Share Price Today But definitely keep an eye so that profit can be earned from this company at the right time.

Therefore today through this article you Zomato Share Price Today You will read the information, and it is also updated according to the share price every day.

Zomato Share Price Today

today’s day 5 October (Thursday) Share price of Zomato when the stock market opens on Will be ₹101.25 per share, Share price of Zomato when the stock market opens tomorrow (4th October, Wednesday) ₹103.50 per share The price was till the market closed ₹101.25 per share Done.

companyToday’s share price (at market opening)
Zomato₹101.25 per share

Small changes keep happening in the share price of Zomato every day. Zomato Share Price Today To get updated information, stay connected with our website or you can also join our Telegram channel.

These are 52 Week Low and 52 Week High

A share price of every company in the stock market 52 week high share price and 52 Week Low There is a share price. Every stock market investor, before investing his money in any company, definitely looks at the 52 Week Low and 52 Week High share price of that company.

Zomato’s current 52 week low ₹44.35 per share And 52 Week High ₹105.90 per share. As soon as there is any change in both Week Low and Week High, it will be posted here.[अपडेट कर दिया जायेगा।

Zomato Share Price Latest Update

Zomato ने इस साल के अगस्त महीने में अपना Q1 का रिजल्ट पब्लिक में रिलीज़ किया था जो FY24 की Earning का रिपोर्ट दिखाता हैं, जिसके अनुसार इस समय Zomato ने 2 करोड़ रुपए का Net Profit कमाया हैं। जिसके साथ कंपनी का इस समय का टोटल रेवेन्यू ₹2,416 करोड़ हैं।

Let us also tell you that Zomato The company has become profitable for the first time in its entire tenure, due to which the share prices of this company have also increased a bit.

We hope that this article helped you Zomato Share Price Today Must have got information about. To know the prices of similar shares, stay connected with our website.

Disclaimer: Before investing in the stock market, definitely consult an advisor and invest your money at your own risk, here you are given information related to the stock market only for reading.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Who is the CEO of Zomato?

The name of the CEO of Zomato is Deepinder Goyal.

How much Net Profit has Zomato earned this year?

This year in FY24, Zomato has earned a net profit of around Rs 2 crore.

Zomato Share Price Today

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