WhatsApp video calls get screen sharing, landscape mode

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Meta social media messaging platform, WhatsApp, has introduced some exciting new features for video calls, according to an announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday.

Zuckerberg shared on his Facebook page, “We’re enhancing your video call experience on WhatsApp by introducing screen sharing capabilities.”

This newly added feature lets users share their screens live during a video call. The process is straightforward: just click on the ‘share’ icon and choose whether to share a specific app or your entire screen, as outlined in the company official statement.

Furthermore, to provide users with a broader and more captivating viewing and sharing experience on their mobile devices, Meta has also unveiled Landscape mode for video calls.

Additionally, towards the end of July, Zuckerberg revealed yet another innovative feature for WhatsApp – the ability to send short video messages. He showcased this feature in a demonstration video posted on his official Facebook account, along with the description, “We’re introducing a new feature to WhatsApp – the instant recording and sharing of video messages within your WhatsApp chats. It’s as effortless as sending a quick voice message.”

As stated by the WhatsApp team, voice messages on the platform have transformed communication by offering a swift and secure method of sharing one voice. This new addition allows users to directly record and share concise personal videos within their chats.

The appeal of video messages lies in their real-time nature, enabling users to convey their thoughts and visuals in just 60 seconds. Sending a video message mirrors the simplicity of sending a voice message: a tap switches to video mode, and holding the button records the video. 

Moreover, users can swipe upward to lock and record hands-free. When opened in a chat, video messages automatically play in silent mode, and a tap on the video activates the sound. For added security, video messages are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

The rollout of video messages has already commenced and will be accessible to all users over the upcoming weeks.

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