Week 41: Is Your Phone Getting an Android Update? Check It Out In Our Overview

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After the recent unveiling of Android 14 Beta 5 by Google last week, many tech enthusiasts started speculating that this could mark the final release of Android 14’s beta phase. It seemed like the next update would finally bring us the stable version of Android 14

However, Google threw us a curveball yesterday by initiating the rollout of beta 5, which serves as one last testing and development phase exclusively for Pixel devices. This includes not only the standard Pixel models but also the innovative Pixel Fold and tablet.

On a separate note, several smartphone manufacturers are currently immersed in crafting Android 14-based user interface updates tailored for their flagship offerings. Meanwhile, other companies have turned their attention to pushing out the latest security patches, further enhancing the security of their devices.

Among the bustling activity, prominent smartphone brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Nothing, Xiaomi, and Realme are diligently working on fine-tuning their Android 14 updates. Interestingly, while they are diligently working on these Android 14 updates, they’ve also managed to roll out the Android 13 update, complete with the freshest August 2023 security patch. Concurrently, we are delighted to present an outline of the lineup of devices that experienced the Android 13 software update this week, accompanied by the aforementioned security patch from August 2023.

Despite the absence of new features or alterations, the August 2023 Android security update strides in with a robust focus on bolstering your device’s security. This update arrives loaded with a patchwork of enhancements designed to fortify performance and stability, as it tackles a variety of vulnerabilities head-on.

To keep you in the loop, let’s quickly rundown the recent software updates on a weekly basis:

  • Incremental Update for Realme UI 4.0
  • The Launch of Nothing OS 2.0
  • OnePlus August 2023 Update
  • Samsung’s August 2023 Update
  1. Samsung Galaxy A52s
  2. Samsung Galaxy M54
  3. Samsung Galaxy S23
  4. Samsung Galaxy A53
  5. Samsung Galaxy A52
  6. Samsung Galaxy A22
  7. Samsung Galaxy S21fe
  8. Samsung Galaxy A04s

In a nutshell, the Android landscape is a whirlwind of activity, with beta phases, user interface enhancements, and security patches galore. Rest assured, manufacturers are going above and beyond to keep your devices primed for the future.

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weekly android OS security patch overview
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