Oppo To Launch All New ColorOS 13 Based On Android 13 On Aug 18th

Visual changes - Aquamorphic design

Let's kick things off with the visual changes in ColorOS 13. There is a distinct shift in the overall look and feel of the UX.

Icons are highly recognizable, with contrasting colors and rounded shapes inspired by nature.


Always-on display

Always on display has some work done as well, both visually and functionally. In terms of functionality, there is a brand new 
ColorOS 13 provides a few interesting custom bits of its own, like the Insight always-on display. 

Bitmoji Always-on Display

Another interesting ColorOS 13 addition is Bitmoji integration on the always-on display. 

Control center

The Control center has also been revamped. Toggles are easier to differentiate and operate. There is a universal playback control widget that allows you to quickly switch between audio sources as well as playback devices.


These folders allow you to navigate within them, like scrolling through pages of apps and launching the apps themselves without opening the actual folder up. The iOS inspiration is clearly visible, but that's not bad since these fit in great with the overall look and feel of the UX.

Color Palettes

The core Android color palettes functionality is part of ColorOS 13 as well. You can either go with one of the preset palettes or make one entirely on your own.

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