Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Changelog: All The Features & Changes!

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Google rolled out the much-anticipated Android 14 beta 5, marking it as the third stable platform tailored for eligible Pixel users, including those with foldable devices. Simultaneously, Samsung kicked off its beta program for the One UI 5.1.1 software, initiating the release with the Galaxy S23 series

Over the next few weeks, the update will gradually extend to other qualifying Galaxy devices. According to the comprehensive changelog, the One UI 6.0 beta introduces an array of fresh productivity features alongside remarkable enhancements.

Delving into the specifics of the One UI 6.0 changelog, it encapsulates an array of alterations, encompassing novel features and improvements catered to the Galaxy range of devices. 

Worth noting is that the 6.0 iteration is exclusively accessible for Galaxy S23 series phones situated in Germany, South Korea, and the United States. However, it’s crucial to highlight that other eligible devices and countries are poised to embrace this latest beta program within the forthcoming days.

Samsung One UI 6.0 introduces a plethora of enticing features and changes, offering users the ability to tailor their Galaxy experience to match their routines and inclinations. The update ushers in expanded lock screen customization options, new customizable camera widgets, more compact quick panels, a collection of striking default fonts, updated emoji on the Samsung Keyboard, and an array of other compelling attributes.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Beta Changelog

Quick Panel

An Overhauled Layout: The quick panel’s new layout simplifies access to frequently used features. Notably, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now boast dedicated buttons positioned at the top of the screen. In a noteworthy shift, visual elements like Dark mode and Eye Comfort Shield have been relocated to the bottom. Additional quick settings buttons now reside in a customizable zone in the middle.

Instant Access to the Expanded Quick Panel: By default, a streamlined quick panel accompanied by notifications materializes when swiping down from the screen’s apex. A subsequent downward swipe conceals notifications and reveals the fully expanded quick panel. Enabling Quick Settings instant access permits the unveiling of the expanded quick panel with just a single swipe from the screen’s right edge. Meanwhile, notifications are accessible by swiping down from the left side.

Effortless Brightness Control: The compact quick panel now features a default brightness control bar, streamlining brightness adjustments via a single downward swipe from the screen’s top.

Lock Screen

Clock Placement Freedom: The latest update furnishes users with increased flexibility, allowing them to position the clock on the lock screen according to their preference.

Home Screen

Streamlined Icon Labels: App icon labels now sport a single line, contributing to a cleaner and more straightforward appearance. This alteration includes the removal of “Galaxy” and “Samsung” from certain app names, enhancing their readability and scanability.


A Fresh Default Font: One UI 6 debuts an all-new default font that exudes modern elegance. Users will encounter this chic font when the default setting is selected within the device’s settings. Those who opt for different fonts will continue to experience their chosen style even after upgrading to One UI 6.


Persistent Pop-Up Windows: A significant enhancement allows pop-up windows to remain open even when transitioning to the Recents screen. This ensures seamless continuation of ongoing tasks.

Samsung Keyboard

Revamped Emoji Design: Emojis gracing messages, social media posts, and various other interfaces boast a rejuvenated design that breathes new life into digital communication.

Content sharing

  • Picture and video previews: When you share pictures or videos from any app, preview images will appear at the top of the Share panel to give you one more chance to review the pictures and videos before sharing them.
  • Extra sharing options: When you share content, additional options may appear on the Share panel depending on the app you share from. For example, when you share a website from the Chrome web browser, you’ll get the option to share a screenshot of the website along with the web address.


  • New Weather widget: The Weather insights widget provides more information about your local weather conditions. You can see when severe thunderstorms, snow, rain, and other events are on the forecast.
  • More information in the Weather app: Information about snowfall, moon phases and times, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, dew point, and wind direction is now available in the Weather app.
  • Interactive map view: Swipe to move around the map and tap a location to view the local weather conditions. The map can help you find weather information even if you don’t know the name of the
  • city.
  • Enhanced illustrations: Illustrations in the Weather widget and app have been enhanced to provide better
  • information about the current weather conditions. Background colors also change depending on the time of the day.


  • Custom camera widgets: You can add custom camera widgets to your Home screen. You can set each widget to start in a specific shooting mode and save pictures in an album of your choice.
  • More alignment options for watermarks: You can now choose whether your watermark appears at the top or bottom of your photos.
  • Quick access to resolution settings: A resolution button is now available in the quick settings at the top of the screen in Photo and Pro modes so you can quickly change the resolution of photos you take.
  • Easier video size options: A pop-up now appears when you tap the video size button, making it easier to see all the options and choose the right ones.
  • Keep your pictures level: When grid lines are turned on in Camera settings, a level line will now appear in the middle of the screen while using the rear camera in all modes except Panorama. The line will move to show whether your picture is level with the ground.
  • Apply effects more easily: Filter and face effects now use a dial instead of a slider, making it easier to make precise adjustments with just one hand.
  • Scan documents easily: The Scan document feature has been separated from Scene optimizer, so you can scan documents even if Scene optimizer is turned off. The new Auto scan lets you scan documents automatically whenever you take a picture of a document. After a document is scanned, you’ll be taken to the edit screen, where you can rotate your document to align it the way you want.
  • Quality optimization: You can choose between 3 levels of quality optimization for the pictures you take. Choose Maximum to get the highest quality pictures with the most post-processing. Choose Minimum to reduce the amount of post-processing so you can take pictures as quickly as possible. You can also choose Medium to get the best balance of speed and post-processing.
  • New Auto FPS settings for videos: Auto FPS can help you record brighter videos in low-light conditions. Auto FPS now has 3 options. You can turn it off, use it for 30 fps videos only, or use it for both 30 fps and 60 fps videos.
  • Save clipped images as stickers: When you clip something from an image, you can easily save it as a sticker that you can use later when editing pictures or videos.
  • Enhanced story view: While viewing a story, a thumbnail view appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. In thumbnail view, you can add or remove pictures and videos from your story.
  • Drag and drop with 2 hands: Touch and hold pictures and videos with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the album where you want to drop them.
  • Quick edits in detail view: While viewing a picture or video, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to detail view. This screen now provides quick access to effects and editing features you can immediately apply.

Photo Editor

  • Adjust decorations after saving: You can now make changes to drawings, stickers, and text that you’ve added to a photo even after saving.
  • Undo and redo: Don’t worry about making mistakes. You can now easily undo or redo transformations,
  • filters, and tones.
  • Enhanced layout: The new Tools menu makes it easier to find the editing features you need. Straighten and Perspective options have been combined in the Transform menu.
  • Draw on custom stickers: When creating custom stickers, you can now use drawing tools to make your stickers even more personal and unique.
  • New text backgrounds and styles: When adding text to a photo, you can choose from several new backgrounds and styles to help you get the perfect look.


  • Your schedule at a glance: The new schedule view provides your upcoming events, tasks, and reminders all together in chronological order.
  • View your reminders in Calendar: You can now view and add reminders in the Calendar app without opening the Reminder app.


  • Refined reminder list view: The main list view has been redesigned. You can manage categories at the top of the screen. Below the categories, your reminders will be shown organized by date. The layout for reminders containing images and web links has also been enhanced.
  • New reminder categories: The Place category contains reminders that alert you when you’re in a specific place, and the No Alert category contains reminders that don’t provide any alerts.
  • More options for creating reminders: When sharing content to the Reminder app, you’ll get full editing options before your reminder is created. You can also take pictures using the camera when creating a reminder.
  • Create all-day reminders: You can now create reminders for an entire day and customize the time when you want to be alerted about them.
Samsung One UI 6.0

Samsung Internet

  • Play videos in the background: Keep playing video sound even if you leave the current tab or leave the Internet app completely.
  • Enhanced tab list for large screens: When using Internet on a large screen, such as a tablet in landscape view or Samsung DeX, your tab list will be shown in 2 columns so you can see more tabs on the screen at the same time.

Smart select

  • Resize and extract text from pinned content: When you pin an image to the screen, you can now resize it or extract text from it.
  • Magnified view: When selecting an area of the screen, a magnified view will appear so you can start and end your selection at the perfect spot.

Bixby text call

  • Customize your greeting: You can now edit the greeting that Bixby says when you answer using Bixby text call.
  • Switch to Bixby during a call: You can switch to Bixby text call at any time, even if the call is already in progress.

Modes and Routines

  • Unique Lock screens depending on your mode: Set up different Lock screens with their own wallpaper and clock style for when you’re driving, working, exercising, and more. When you start editing the Lock screen while a mode is on, you’ll edit the Lock screen for that mode.
  • New conditions: You can now start a routine when an app is playing media.
  • New actions: Your routines can now do more than ever before. Change your Lock screen, change Samsung Keyboard settings, and more.

Smart suggestions

  • New look and feel: The Smart Suggestions widget has been redesigned with a layout that better aligns with other icons on your Home screen.
  • More customization: You can now adjust transparency and choose between a white or black background. You can also set apps to exclude from suggestions.


  • Quick actions for apps: When an app appears in your search results, you can touch and hold the app to get quick access to actions you can perform using the app. For example, if you search for the Calendar app, buttons for adding an event or searching your calendar will appear. App actions will also appear in search results on their own if you search for the name of the action instead of the app.

My Files

  • Free up storage space: Recommendation cards will appear to help you free up storage space. My Files will recommend deleting unnecessary files, give you tips for setting up cloud storage, and also let you know which apps on your phone are using the most storage space.


  • Smarter Airplane mode: If you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while Airplane mode is on, your phone will remember. The next time you use Airplane mode, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will remain on instead of turning off.
  • Easier access to battery settings: Battery settings now have their own top-level settings menu, so you can easily check your battery usage and manage battery settings.
  • Block security threats: Get an extra level of protection for your apps and data. Auto Blocker prevents unknown apps from being installed, checks for malware, and blocks malicious commands from being sent to your phone using a USB cable.


  • New magnification options: Customize how your magnification window appears. You can choose full screen, partial screen, or allow switching between the two.
  • Customize cursor thickness: You can now increase the thickness of the cursor that appears while editing text so that it’s easier to see.
  • Learn more about accessibility: A link to the Samsung Accessibility web page has been added to Accessibility settings so you can learn more about accessibility features and our efforts to make our products accessible to everyone.

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