Samsung Decide To Rollout Android 14 Beta Without Bugs: Causing Delay

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Samsung has always been a leader in the tech world, excelling in launching new flagship devices and introducing impressive updates with great features. However, some fans feel that the company could do more to cater to their needs. 

Recently, there been growing anticipation among users about the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta program for Galaxy devices, but it taking longer than expected to arrive.

Initially, rumors circulated that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series would receive the Android 14 beta update in Germany. However, these rumors turned out to be incorrect in today situation.

The delay in the Android 14 beta version was clarified by a brand representative who revealed that it due to the beta buggy performance. The company wants to ensure that users don’t face any issues or problems once the update is installed on their phones. Hence, they are taking their time to iron out these bugs and deliver a stable and smooth beta version to their customers.

As a result, the release of the Android 14 beta program for the S23 series has been postponed. This news has left the company fan community feeling disappointed, especially when they see other top Android devices like Nothing Phone (1) already enjoying the Android 14 beta update.

While the wait has been prolonged, it speculated that Samsung will roll out the Android 14 beta program in a sequence, starting with the flagship Galaxy S23 series, followed by Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 in the second week of August. 

Android 14 is set to bring a slew of exciting changes and features, including customizable lock screens, advanced privacy and security options, and much more.

Rest assured, Samsung is committed to delivering the Android 14 beta update as soon as possible, but only after ensuring that it is free of bugs. They’re adopting a late arrival policy to prioritize delivering a smooth and trouble-free experience to their users.

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