Safari In iOS 17 Gets Even Smarter With New Features

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Experience the Lightning-Fast Safari: iOS 17 Unveils Exciting Enhancements

Step into the world of seamless browsing with Safari, renowned as the fastest browser, courtesy of its lightning-fast Javascript engine. Crafted exclusively for Apple devices, Safari has consistently been a favorite among users. 

Now, the unveiling of iOS 17 introduces an array of captivating enhancements and functionalities, bolstering privacy, seamlessly integrated Siri interactions, optimized search capabilities, and more. These cutting-edge features collectively elevate our beloved browser, ensuring a secure and versatile web navigation experience.

New Horizons in Safari: iOS 17 Unveils Remarkable Features

Prepare to be amazed by the six innovative advancements gracing the Safari browser with the advent of iOS 17. This browser has evolved into an even safer and more advanced tool, driven by its newfound functionalities. 

These include a dedicated navigation feature, fortified private browsing, an exclusive search engine for private browsing, notable search enhancements, URL-based tracking elimination, and Siri enhanced content narration. Let’s delve into each of these exceptional Safari features:

Empower Your Browsing: Introducing Separate Navigation Profiles

An unprecedented evolution awaits you within Safari in iOS 17 – the Profile feature. This groundbreaking addition empowers users to segregate their searches based on distinct purposes. 

Now, you can effortlessly maintain separate profiles for work and personal use, each with its tailored search and navigation domain. What more, every profile boasts individualized cookies, extensions, browsing history, and data.

Taking customization to the next level, users can enable or disable cookies, manage pop-ups, and curate extensions for each unique profile. Bid farewell to clutter as you clear history and website data for one profile without affecting others.

Ready to explore these profiles on Safari? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Safari.
  3. Click on New Profile.
  4. Personalize the profile with a distinctive name, icon, color, and folder design.
  5. Tailor the profile with desired plugins.
  6. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

Effortless profile switching awaits – tap the overlapping squares icon and then the center button to access your chosen profile.

Enhanced Privacy: Private Browsing Elevated to a New Standard

iOS 17 revolutionizes privacy within Safari. Prioritizing your security, private browsing now demands secondary authentication. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access Safari tabs, requiring additional verification like Face ID, PIN, or your iPhone passcode.

Empower Your Search: Tailored Search Engine Selection

Thanks to the iOS 17 advancements, users now wield the power to select distinct search engines for work and personal profiles. Choose from an array of options including Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuck Go, and Ecosia. Tailoring your private search engine is effortless – navigate to Settings >> Safari >> Private search engine.

Safari search functionality gets a boost, delivering rapid responses and incorporating favicons into primary website suggestions. Notably, results stemming from bookmarks, tabs, and search history are prominently highlighted for your convenience.

Bid Farewell to Tracking: URL-Based Tracking Removal

iOS 17 introduces a transformative Safari feature – eradicating tracking information embedded in URLs. This paramount development shields your online activities from prying eyes, thwarting website tracking. 

Activated by default in private browsing mode, you can extend this safeguard across your entire browsing experience through Settings >> Safari >> Advanced >> Tracking and Fingerprinting protection by selecting All Browsing.

Siri: Your Content Narrator

In a leap forward, Siri now boasts content narration capabilities. When reader mode is accessible, Siri seamlessly reads aloud content, proving invaluable during busy moments when reading isn’t feasible. With this advancement, you can stay engaged and informed effortlessly.

Safari New Features

Step into a New Era of Browsing

Embrace the transformative enhancements of Safari in iOS 17, where lightning-fast performance, unprecedented privacy measures, and seamless content narration redefine your browsing journey. 

Dive into distinct navigation profiles, safeguard your privacy, tailor your search engine, defy tracking attempts, and embrace Siri insightful narration. Experience browsing like never before – swift, secure, and all-encompassing.

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