Realme UI 5.0 Features Wishlist [Android 14]

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Realme, an emerging Chinese smartphone brand, is all set to integrate power with style, focusing on the critical needs of users. The company’s smartphones blend high-design aesthetics with user-friendly Realme UI features to offer smartphones that satisfy customers at every level. Now, in this article, we are focusing on the software aspects and sharing the wishlist of what features should be included in the new Realme UI 5.0.

Realme Android 14 Beta

Although Realme has already released the first and second Android 14 beta updates for the Realme GT 2 Pro, Realme users have started speculating about the new features and improvements coming with the upcoming Realme UI 5.0.

The features of the upcoming Realme UI version were already revealed during the beta testing that started last month., while our wishlist includes all the features we want the Chinese tech giant to bring with its Android 14 update this year. Not much has been revealed about this upcoming Realme UI 5.0 update, but we have got some hints. They are about new features.

Realme UI 5.0 Features Wishlist:

By combining Android 14 with Realme UI 5.0, the tech giant will make the device work much better and provide users with a more relevant display than the current Realme UI 4.0

Realme UI 5.0 Early Access

In addition, some Android 14 features and improvements released in the developer preview and released during Android 14 testing will be included with the Realme UI 5.0 update. Here we describe some of the significant improvements the company should bring with the Realme UI 5.0.

Realme UI 5.0 Features:

  • Improves Security and Privacy
  • The material you support for more apps
  • Introduce lock screen customization
  • bring stock android media player design
  • Change the app drawer layout and allow more than 4 apps
  • Allow clearing notifications with both left and right swipes
  • Close the app drawer with a swipe down
  • bring better gaming optimization
  • Multi-user profiles
  • Introduce the Per-App Screen recording feature
  • Separate lock screen live wallpaper
  • Grant partial access to photos and videos

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Realme UI 5.0 Early Access

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