iQOO Smartphone Users Are Troubled By The Green Line problem

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iQOO Smartphone Users Are Troubled By The Green Line problem (iqoo 7 green line problem, iqoo service center, iqoo customer care number, iqoo neo 7, iqoo 7 display price,)

The prevalent issue of the green line persists across the majority of smartphone brands. Recent reports from iQOO users shed light on the emergence of green lines plaguing their smartphone experiences. 

This issue has notably affected models like the iQOO 9 SE and iQOO 7, casting an irksome shadow over their screens. While the device’s functionality remains unaffected during regular use, the persistent presence of the green line poses a noticeable and bothersome nuisance.

Unveiling the iQOO Green Line:

A chorus of iQOO users has vocalized their frustration over an enigmatic green line that materializes on their smartphone screens. This fine, verdant line traverses vertically from the screen’s apex to its base. Despite the unimpaired operational performance of the smartphones, the sudden emergence of the green line elicits significant irritation among users.

Conversely, several other companies extend replacement programs devoid of charges for afflicted devices grappling with the green line predicament. Regrettably, iQOO has not yet disseminated any official communication regarding such an initiative. 

Simultaneously, disgruntled users have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the green line phenomenon, though the company’s response to rectify the situation remains conspicuously absent.

Furthermore, anticipations run high among iQOO users, envisioning the company rolling out diverse replacement options for those grappling with the vexatious green line conundrum. 

The onus falls on the company to address the issues with iQOO 9 SE and iQOO 7 smartphones, given the mounting number of users contending with this adversity.

The stakes are considerable, as this problem could potentially tarnish the hard-earned reputation of iQOO, particularly among devoted fans who have invested substantially in acquiring flagship-grade smartphones.

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iqoo 7 green line problem
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