Google Gboard Keyboard: The Best Keyboard for Android and iOS

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Welcome to a comprehensive guide on harnessing the full potential of Google Gboard keyboard on both iOS and Android devices.

In this article, we will walk you through the essential features, tips, and tricks to help you become a Gboard power user. Let’s dive in and unlock the hidden gems of this versatile keyboard.

1. Setting up Google Gboard Keyboard on iOS and Android:

Getting started with Gboard is a breeze. If you haven’t installed it already, head to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) and search for “Gboard.” Download and install the app, then follow these simple steps to set it as your default keyboard:

For iOS:

  • Step 1. Go to Settings on your device.
  • Step 2. Tap on “General” and then “Keyboard.”
  • Step 3. Select “Keyboards” and then “Add New Keyboard.”
  • Step 4. Choose “Gboard” from the list and enable “Allow Full Access.”

For Android:

  • Step 1. Open Settings on your device.
  • Step 2. Navigate to “System” and select “Languages & input.”
  • Step 3. Tap on “Virtual keyboard” or “On-screen keyboard.”
  • Step 4. Choose “Gboard” from the list and activate it.

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2. Embrace Smart Typing Features:

Gboard is equipped with an array of smart typing features that can significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy. Let’s explore some of the most useful ones:

a) Glide Typing: Swiftly glide your finger over the letters to form words effortlessly. Gboard’s advanced AI predicts what you’re typing, making it a breeze to compose messages quickly.

b) Text Correction: Gboard’s intelligent autocorrect feature learns from your typing patterns to provide accurate suggestions and prevent common spelling mistakes.

c) Emoji and GIF Predictions: Express yourself with ease using Gboard’s emoji and GIF predictions. Simply type a word, and the keyboard will suggest relevant emojis and GIFs to enhance your message.

d) Multilingual Typing: Do you speak multiple languages? Gboard supports multilingual typing, allowing you to switch languages seamlessly while typing without changing the keyboard.

Google Gboard Keyboard

3. Customizing Gboard to Your Liking:

Personalization is key, and Gboard offers a range of customization options to make the keyboard uniquely yours:

a) Theme Selection: Gboard offers various themes to suit your style. Choose from a selection of vibrant colors and captivating designs to give your keyboard a fresh look.

b) Key Press Pop-up: Enable key press pop-up to view enlarged characters as you type, ensuring you hit the right keys with precision.

c) Keyboard Height Adjustment: Customize the keyboard height to ensure comfortable typing, reducing the chances of typing errors.

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4. Enhanced Search and Sharing:

Gboard seamlessly integrates Google Search and makes sharing content a breeze. Here’s how you can harness these powerful features:

a) Google Search: Tap the Google icon on Gboard, and you can instantly perform searches without leaving the app you’re using. It’s a time-saving feature for quick information retrieval.

b) Share Content: Gboard streamlines content sharing. Instead of switching between apps, use Gboard to share links, images, and videos directly with your contacts.

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5. Time-Saving Shortcuts:

Gboard offers a collection of handy shortcuts designed to save time and enhance your productivity. Here are a few must-know shortcuts:

a) Cursor Control: Press and hold the spacebar to turn it into a virtual trackpad. Easily move the cursor through your text for precise editing.

b) Quick Delete: Swiping left from the delete key allows you to erase entire words swiftly. No more tapping the delete key repeatedly!

c) Voice Typing: Need to compose a message hands-free? Gboard’s voice typing feature lets you dictate text, making multitasking a breeze.

6. Advanced Settings and Preferences:

To truly master Gboard, familiarize yourself with its advanced settings:

a) Dictionary Management: Add custom words to Gboard’s dictionary to ensure it recognizes specific jargon or colloquial terms.

b) Keyboard Sound and Vibration: Tailor the keyboard’s sound and vibration feedback to match your preference.

c) One-Handed Mode: For easier typing on larger devices, enable one-handed mode for a more accessible layout.

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Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the full potential of Google’s Gboard keyboard on your iOS or Android device. By customizing its features, embracing smart typing, and leveraging powerful shortcuts, you’ll enjoy a seamless and efficient typing experience. Happy typing!

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