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When it comes to call recording on iPhones, the path might seem obstructed. Apple stringent stance on privacy extends to call recording, and third-party apps are barred from microphone access. While a direct call recording function isn’t available, ingenuity can come to your rescue.

Conversely, Android users find call recording a breeze. Yet, the iPhone seems devoid of this functionality. But wait, there a workaround – enter the Truecaller application.

Within the realm of iPhone options, Apple voice memos app remains conventional, lacking call recording prowess. To journey into call recording territory, Truecaller emerges as the knight in shining armor. However, a caveat exists: only Truecaller Premium membership holders can access this avenue.

Cracking the Code: Recording Calls via Truecaller on Your iPhone

Unlocking call recording with Truecaller involves merging the app recording line with your target call. Once the call concludes, a pop-up heralds your recorded file. 

Merge the recording line and the call itself – whether it’s the initial contact or the recording line, amalgamation ensures seamless recording.

Eager to learn the ropes of recording both incoming and outgoing calls through Truecaller? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

For incoming calls:

  • Answer the call.
  • Launch Truecaller.
  • Tap the Record Call button.
  • Opt for Call the Recording Line.
  • Finally, merge the calls.
Call Recording

For outgoing calls:

  • Open Truecaller.
  • Tap the Record Call button.
  • Select Call the Recording Line.
  • Initiate the call.
  • Merge the calls.

Beside these established options, a constellation of apps offers fluid call recording for iPhones.

TapeACall: Professional recording quality, limitless recording, and sharing in both free and premium versions. The premium package boasts downloadable MP3 recordings sans “per minute” charges.

Google Voice: While confined to Google Voice numbers, it offers free call recording, accessible on various devices. However, incoming calls remain elusive.

Call Recorder: Available on numerous Android phones, Boldbeast Call Recorder streamlines recording management. A free version includes sharing options, while a $9.99 premium version enhances the experience.

FREE Call Recorder: Solely for iPhones, Component Studios app covers both incoming and outgoing calls. While the free version suffices, sharing mandates a $9.99 premium acquisition.

iPadio: Providing free call recording and broadcasting for iPhones, iPadio shines in simplicity. Playback, sharing, and editing options round out its user-friendly features.

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Call Recording on iPhone

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