Google to stop updating these smartphones from August 1st: Is yours on the list

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In a recent announcement, Google has revealed that it will no longer provide updates for certain smartphones starting from August 1st. This decision has sent ripples of concern throughout the tech community as many users wonder if their beloved devices are among those affected.

The Impact of No Updates

Updates are essential for smartphones as they bring new features, security patches, and bug fixes. Without regular updates, users may face various issues, ranging from decreased performance to potential security vulnerabilities. Users often rely on updates to enhance their smartphone experience and maintain optimal functionality.

The List of Affected Smartphones

As the news broke, Google released the list of smartphones that will no longer receive updates beyond August 1st. The affected models include **Pixel 2**, **Pixel 2 XL**, **Nexus 6P**, and **Nexus 5X**. If you own any of these devices, it is crucial to understand the implications and consider your next steps.

Reasons Behind the Decision

Google cited various reasons for this decision, including hardware limitations, the age of the devices, and the increasing complexity of updating older models. The company emphasized that focusing on newer devices would allow them to provide a more seamless user experience and allocate resources more efficiently.

Options for Affected Users

If your smartphone is on the list, it’s time to consider your options. While Google will no longer release updates, the devices will continue to function, and existing features will remain intact. However, users may gradually encounter compatibility issues with newer apps and security vulnerabilities over time.

One option is to continue using the device as is, accepting the potential risks associated with outdated software. Alternatively, users can upgrade to a newer Google smartphone, which will guarantee continued updates and support.

User Reactions and Expert Opinions

The announcement has elicited mixed reactions from users worldwide. Some are disappointed by the news, as they had hoped for extended software support for their devices. Others understand the challenges faced by tech companies in providing updates for older models.

Tech experts advise that while the lack of updates is a concern, it does not render the affected devices completely obsolete. They recommend implementing best practices, such as avoiding downloading apps from unreliable sources and regularly backing up data.


As August 1st approaches, Google smartphone users need to be aware of the upcoming changes. If your device is on the list, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of continuing to use it without updates. While Google’s decision to stop updating older smartphones is understandable from a technical perspective, it leaves affected users with an important choice to make.

Remember, keeping your smartphone safe and secure also relies on responsible user behavior. Regularly update your apps from trusted sources, back up your data, and consider upgrading to a newer model if possible. Stay informed, stay safe, and make the best decision for your smartphone needs.

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