Google Chrome Officially Removing The Download Bar At The Bottom

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Google has made some exciting changes to enhance the user experience with new updates, but they’ve also addressed certain inconveniences. One of the latest changes is the removal of the Download bar in Chrome.

Now, Google has revamped the Download bar and named it the “Download tray.” Previously, downloaded content would appear at the bottom of Chrome, but now it will be displayed at the top-right corner next to the search box. According to the company, this change will offer users more clarity.

Google discovered three issues with the old download bar through user feedback. First, it occupied valuable screen space at the bottom, limiting the web content area. 

Second, after downloading content, the bar wouldn’t disappear automatically, only providing pause and resume options. And finally, users complained about its lack of modern interaction. 

To tackle these problems, the company decided to overhaul the desktop browser UI and introduce the new download tray.

With the new download tray, users will now see an animated ring that shows the ongoing download progress and a small pop-up when the download is complete. 

Users can disable this pop-up from Settings >> Downloads >> Show downloads after completing. Clicking on the download tray will display a list of all downloaded contents from the last 24 hours in any browser window except the one in which the content was downloaded. The tray will have buttons that allow users to open the download folder, pause, resume, cancel, and retry downloads.

The best part is that users can now transfer downloaded contents to other folders or websites. For this, they need to access chrome://downloads, where all download options will be available at the bottom of the tray.

Additionally, this new download tray system will improve malware and virus warnings, making it safer for users. However, please note that this new update is currently only available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. To enjoy the enhanced experience, users should ensure their browsers are up to date.

On a different note, Chrome search bar on Android and iOS will now provide users with relevant suggestions based on their queries. The new tab page will also display trending searches, and Chrome will offer up to 10 suggestions related to the user search query, up from the previous limit of 6.

So, to make the most of these awesome features, remember to keep your browser updated!

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