Google Calendar Introducing Event Sharing Using Links 

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Google Calendar, apparently a part of Google Workspace for Android devices, helps users save time and make the most of every day. It offers different ways to view the calendar, for example month, week and day view.

Also, interestingly, users can automatically add flights, hotels, concerts, reservations, and many other events to their calendars from Gmail. Now the brand is enhancing its events feature by offering the ability to share events via link to match the universality of video meeting links in recent years.

Google is rolling out the latest update to Calendar to enhance the capabilities in Events, now with the latest update, once users go live for their account, open a Calendar event it will show a “Share” button located at the top of the screen. . then it will generate a Almanac. Application. google/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx link For users to copy and send.

To find incident details and respond, one must visit the URL that opens in the browser. But the latter is a one-click process if they are signed in to their Google account, in other cases guests will have to enter their email. However, right now links can be generated only on Android applications.

Notably, on the privacy front, Google notes how all “shared events are public, even if the user’s calendar or event is private.” Regarding this the brand said that

“You can share an event whether or not you’ve added guests to the event.”

Brand Google also put into words how event titles are not searchable on the internet. To deactivate a link, users will have to delete the event. Most of all, users have to trust who they are sharing the link with. Also sharing calendar events via link is only available for personal Google Accounts, not Workspaces.

The default message is mentioned below:

test event

  • October 3 • 10:30 – 11:30 am • View details and RSVP
  • At the moment, the update is not widely available yet, but soon the company will release it for everyone.
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