Gboard New Update Brings ‘Resize’ Tab Instead Of ‘Keyboard Height’ 

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Google is back with a new update for Gboard to improve the user experience. The company has introduced a new dedicated Resize tab in Gboard through this update, but here’s a twist: Google has given something with one hand and also taken something with the other hand. See article for detailed information.

Google is releasing the latest update for Gboard with its identified build number, which is 13.4.08. HoweverFor now, the update is in its beta stage but has been officially announced for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.

What’s actually going on in Gboard v13.4.08

With the latest update with the version number mentioned above, the company is introducing a new ‘Resize tab’ in Gboard, but on the other hand, removing the sufficiently beneficial “keyboard height” settings. Google has removed the option to customize keyboard height, in the latest Gboard update.

Now, users have to go to the toolbar or shortcut page to change the size of their keyboard. This allows them to make adjustments by pulling the two pull tab palace up and down. Users are also able to hold the key higher with the ability to leave a gap between the spacebar and the system home bar.

Previously, under the Preferences option in Gboard settings, users had a “Keyboard Height” button, and upon tapping on it, a new dialog box would pop up that included;

  • extra short
  • Small
  • medium short
  • General
  • mid-long
  • tall
  • extra-long

But with this new update, all these seven salary hikes are now gone. In place of these options, a new “One-Handed Mode” is placed just under “Layout”.

However, the new update is a more visually friendly way of making adjustments to Gboard. Still, I have to say that there isn’t a fixed increment, which can be annoying if users are trying to maintain the same height across devices, such as after getting a new one.

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