Emoji Reactions Are Available On Gmail, Know How To Use Them?

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Emojis provide an interactive way to instantly respond to someone’s messages. Every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, allows users to react through emojis, but not through Gmail. However, Google is now bringing emoji reactions to its email service, Gmail. Here’s how you can use them on your Gmail.

According to reports, the new Gmail emoji reaction feature is currently available for Android devices and tablets. Gradually it will also be released on iOS and web. Additionally, emoji reactions will be available for every Gmail message in your inbox.

Also, when you open an email, scroll down and you’ll see a new option for emoji reactions. It is placed to the right of the Reply, Reply All and Forward buttons. Tapping on the option will reveal a row of emojis for you to choose from and react to. Finally, simply tap on the emoji you want.

Additionally, you can also add more emojis if you want to add more options to your reactions by pressing the “+” button located at the end of the row. Every response you make to the email will appear below. While tapping and holding each emoji you will get a list of people who used that specific emoji.

Keep in mind that the emoji reaction feature is not available for work as well as school accounts, and will be unavailable if you sent the email to more than 20 people. Additionally, emoji reactions will not work in Gmail if the sender has set a custom reply-to address or if the message is encrypted.

How to Use the Emoji Reaction Feature on Gmail?

  • Open the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Now open the message you want to reply to.
  • Add an emoji reaction Tap Insert emoji below the message.
  • From the selector, choose the emoji you want to use.
    • To display more emoji, select More.
    • The emoji you choose appears at the bottom of the email.

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