Apple Will Reportedly Drop New M3-Powered iPads and MacBook Airs in 2024

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That’s exciting news for Apple fans! It seems like we won’t have to wait too long for the next generation of iPads and MacBook Airs. Here’s a summary of what we know so far:

Apple is expected to release new M3-powered iPads and MacBook Airs in 2024.

The launch is rumored to happen sometime in early 2024, possibly coinciding with the release of iPadOS 17.4 and macOS 14.3.

What to expect:

  • iPads: The new iPads, likely iPad Pro models, are expected to feature the M3 chip and possibly switch to OLED displays for a better viewing experience.
  • MacBook Airs: The M3 MacBook Airs are expected to get a performance boost and potentially some design changes, but details are still scarce.

This launch could be a major refresh for Apple’s tablet and laptop lineups, potentially attracting new customers and boosting the company’s revenue in 2024.

This information comes from a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a good track record when it comes to Apple leaks.

I’m sure we’ll learn more about these new devices in the coming months. If you have any specific questions about the rumored iPads or MacBook Airs, feel free to ask! Follow me on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

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