7 Extra Uses for Your iPhone Camera

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The iPhone popularity is no secret, largely due to its exceptional camera capabilities. Beyond capturing high-quality pictures and preserving cherished memories, did you know that your iPhone’s Camera app has so much more to offer?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some cool and lesser-known features that can transform your iPhone camera into a versatile tool. From replacing your Mac’s webcam to scanning documents, translating text, converting currency, measuring objects, magnifying items, and even identifying unknown objects using Visual Look Up, there’s a treasure trove of possibilities waiting for you. So, let’s dive in!

1# Upgrade Your Mac Webcam

The iPhone camera technology surpasses that of many Mac models, making it an excellent alternative for video calls. Thanks to the Continuity Camera feature introduced with macOS Ventura and iOS 16, you can enhance your Mac’s webcam quality wirelessly and effortlessly. Whether you’re on FaceTime or Zoom, enjoy better video call experiences with cool effects like Center Stage and Desk View, which keep you in focus and simultaneously show your face and desk.

2# Scan Documents and QR Codes

Gone are the days of downloading third-party apps for document and QR code scanning. The native Camera app on your iPhone has you covered. Easily and securely scan documents, saving them in your Files or Notes app. Plus, with QR codes becoming more prevalent, simply point your camera at a code to access menus, files, websites, and Wi-Fi networks, saving you time and effort.

3# Copy and Translate Text

Breaking language barriers is a breeze with the Live Text feature integrated into your iPhone camera. Encounter foreign text on an object? Just point your camera at it, and within seconds, the Live Text feature will recognize and translate it. You can also copy the text directly from the Camera app and paste it into your browser or translator app, eliminating the need for tedious typing.

4# Convert Currency and Units

Forget about memorizing exchange rates and performing mental math for conversions. Your iPhone’s Camera app comes to the rescue. Point your camera at the digits you want to convert, and with a simple tap on the Live Text icon, see the equivalent value instantly. This works flawlessly for both units and currencies.

5# Measure Objects

Lost your measuring tape? No worries! If you have an iPhone 12 Pro or a newer Pro model equipped with a LiDAR sensor, you can use the Measure app to obtain accurate measurements. From objects to distances and even someone’s height, your iPhone’s camera becomes a trusty measuring tool.

6# Magnify Items

Uncover the hidden gem called the Magnifier app, pre-installed on your iPhone. Transform your camera into a magnifying glass, perfect for getting a closer look at small texts or objects without straining your eyes. Follow our guide on using the Magnifier app to make the most of this feature.

7# Identify Objects With Visual Look Up

Your iPhone camera doubles as a visual search engine. Capture an image of an unknown item, and Visual Look Up will provide you with more context. Discover information about plants, animals, landmarks, and more with a simple tap on the Info (i) button in the Photos app.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your iPhone Camera

Now that you’re aware of these fantastic iPhone Camera features, your device becomes more than just a camera. It becomes your currency converter, magnifying glass, translator, and document scanner—all in one app! Next time you need quick measurements or conversions, no need to search for third-party apps. Just open your iPhone Camera and explore the endless possibilities.

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