Gmail 6 new features: Security to convenience, you need to know it all!

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Gmail Features: Gmail includes Google’s email service, Gmail, which has dominated the market since its release in 2004. Gmail’s only major competitor, Yahoo Mail, is miles away from Gmail’s success, even though it has been around longer.

Like Hotmail, it had a huge hold on market share before the arrival of Gmail. Gmail currently has at least 1.5 billion active users versus Yahoo Mail’s 225 million. The two cannot be compared now.

The success of Gmail is often attributed to the simple, easy-to-use interface it provides to its users. It also has hundreds of features that make emailing easier than ever. Some of our favorite features include automatic replies, filtering and classifying emails, Gmail chat, and more.

Here’s what you need to know about recent Gmail features.

Gmail is incredibly useful whether you use it for your personal or work needs. Learning its many features will make your life easier. Here are the top hidden features that users need to know.

How emails are shown

Most Yahoo Mail users who transition to Gmail often have one common complaint. Gmail shows fewer emails per scroll than Yahoo Mail. The reason is that Gmail’s default view uses more padding than Yahoo Mail. It also displays the combination of each email in a second line.

Many users don’t know that you can easily change this view from Gmail’s settings. Under the Density menu, Gmail offers three options: Default, Comfortable, and Compact. When you first use Gmail you have the default normal view.

Conveniently, Gmail hides the attachments of each email, thus reducing the space used per line. Finally, Gmail takes it further with Compact by removing excess padding from each email line, making your email list as compact as possible.

activate reading bar

Do you want to be able to read your emails without having to click and go back to your inbox every time? Well, with the Gmail Redding feature, you can do just that.

When you turn on panel reading, your inbox is split into two parts. One side will show your inbox list while the other side will show the contents of the email you clicked on. You can also choose where the panel readings will appear. It can be either to the right of the inbox or below the inbox.

Schedule emails at any time

By default, all emails are sent as soon as you click Send. However, Gmail also allows you to schedule your emails to be sent at a later time. With email scheduling, you can set a date or time when Gmail will send your email in the future. However, one limitation of this feature is that you can only schedule one email at a time.

A great example of where this feature is extremely helpful is when working outside your shift. You can avoid your boss knowing that you sometimes work after work hours. If you want to avoid bothering your subscribers outside of business hours, it’s also great to schedule your emails for the next business day.

Snooze important emails

Are you receiving emails that are not important enough to deal with immediately but are important enough that you cannot delete them immediately? Then, consider snoozing these emails instead. With Gmail, you can snooze an email to temporarily hide it from your inbox.

Gmail lets you choose when snoozed emails will show up again. You can choose from preset future dates and times or set your specific date and time. Once your chosen time has arrived, the email will be available for you to read again.

Undo your emails

Gmail lets you undo sent emails for a short period of time. Once you send an email, an undo button will briefly appear at the bottom-left of the page. Even better, Gmail allows you to choose how long you can undo emails. Your options are 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds. To access this setting, go to Settings > General > undo send.

Simplify your inbox with subfolders and labels

One of the key features of Gmail is its regular interface. You can take it even further by using labels and creating subfolders for your emails.

You can also create filters that will help Gmail sort emails into subfolders or set labels for them. This way, you will never lose any important emails.

Gmail New Features

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