5 things about AI you may have missed today: Jio Institute unveils AI program, farmers to get AI power, and more

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A CEO pretended to be an AI chatbot to take ‘Revenge’ on ChatGPT and thereby managed to spark a social media frenzy; AI-Powered app for farmers set to debut; Maharashtra Governor encourages youth to master global language and AI literacy; Odisha man draws inspiration from AI news anchor Lisa for AI rakhi innovation- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. CEO takes ‘Revenge’ on ChatGPT

A CEO’s ‘revenge’ on ChatGPT went viral! Bindu Reddy, Abacus.AI co-founder, posed as an AI chatbot and engaged ChatGPT in a short, humorous exchange, leaving it stunned. The post has gained 800k views and 12k likes on social media, earning admiration for her witty comebacks.

2. AI-Powered app for farmers set to debut

Karnataka plans an AI-powered app for farmers, offering weather forecasts, soil data, seed info, and crop patterns. The state’s Agriculture Minister, N Cheluvarayaswamy, inaugurated a consolidated farmers’ call centre to replace confusing helplines, aiming to provide streamlined assistance to farmers, according to a Deccan Herald report. The upcoming app aims to provide comprehensive agricultural support.

3. Maharashtra Governor encourages youth to master global language and AI literacy

Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais encourages youth to grasp a global language and nurture AI literacy. At a Pune convocation, he stressed on focusing broader horizons and advocated that they seek AI knowledge to harness forthcoming job prospects. Citing potential for 40-80 crore AI-driven jobs by 2030, the Governor urged universities to integrate AI and machine learning, recognising their transformative role in education, the Indian Express reported.

4. Odisha man draws inspiration from AI news anchor Lisa for AI Rakhi innovation

In Odisha, the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival has seen a surge in demand for rakhis. Amid traditional options, a novel trend of AI Rakhis has gained popularity. It has been pioneered by Ishwar Sahoo of Cuttack. These Rakhis, inspired by OTV’s AI news anchor Lisa, feature QR codes with messages or videos, bridging distances between siblings, according to an OTV report. The concept caters to separated siblings, addressing the timing issues of couriered Rakhis.

5. Jio partners education body to unveil AI program

AICTE partners with Jio Institute for a 5-day faculty development program on AI and Data Science. AICTE Chairman TG Sitharam will inaugurate it on August 21, 2023. The initiative imparts AI understanding, ethics, and immersive learning’s AI tools to academic leaders and senior faculty, NDTV reports. Topics include NLP, Data Visualization, sectoral impacts like healthcare and exploration of emerging tech opportunities.

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