These 10 tips will make you a smart user of Smart TV

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These 10 Best Smart TV Tips and Tricks for smart use of your smart tv. Use these tips and tricks to get the most out of your Smart TV.

  1. Set up internet connection: Setting up an internet connection on your Smart TV is very useful. This will help you access online music, video streaming services, apps, etc.
  2. Use Smart Apps: Using Smart Apps in your Smart TV will get you various entertainment and important apps. This may include Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc.
  3. Use screen mirroring: Mirroring your TV screen with your smartphone will help you relax. You can cast internet, photos, videos, games etc from your phone to TV.
  4. Use voice search: Turning on voice search on your Smart TV will help you find your favorite shows. You can use your voice search to suggest different entertainment options.
  5. Use Parental Controls: If you have small kids and you spend time watching cartoons, movies or TV shows on your Smart TV, set up Parental Controls. This will give you the possibility to see only suitable content for your kids.
  6. Enable Personal Plan: Enabling Personal Plan on your Smart TV allows you to create a personal show and music list. This will help show you content according to your entertainment and suggest your favorite shows.
  7. Set a timer: If you don’t have time to watch certain programs, you can schedule your TV viewing time by setting a timer. This will turn on your TV on time.
  8. Take a screenshot: If you have an important message, broadcast or content you are watching on your Smart TV, use the screenshot capability. You can use it on your smartphone to share on WhatsApp, Instagram, email or social media platforms.
  9. Enable Screen Saver: The screen saver should be enabled when your TV is turned off for a long period of time. It will show great pictures, photos or other content on your TV.
  10. Control smart home: If you have smart home devices in your home, you can use the smart TV to control smart home devices. With this you can control the lights, fan, thermostat etc. of the house through your TV.

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I Hope these tips will help you in using your Smart TV. Make yourself happy and entertained using all the features of your Smart TV.

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Best Smart TV Tips and Tricks
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